Jurors may bring their own beverage in a resealable, non-glass container and snack or food that does not require refrigeration. Please email our office with. Jurors should take this into consideration with respect to attire. Appropriate dress is required. Jurors should not wear shorts, tank-tops, sheer/mesh shirts. For example, many judges do not allow anyone to come to court wearing halter or tank tops, cut-off jeans, or shirts with offensive wording and / or images. You. What items are not permitted in the courthouse? Jurors may not bring disruptive or potentially dangerous items into the courthouse. A disruptive item. For this reason, jurors are encouraged to bring a book or other form of reading material. Laptop computers may also be used (wireless internet is available).

You will need to show your summons at security to be allowed to proceed through security with food or drinks. You may bring your computer, electronics and. What should I do if I receive a jury summons in the mail? Summoned jurors are also permitted to report for jury duty We suggest you bring something to read. Business Attire is appropriate dress for jury duty. Preferred dress for Male jurors is a coat/tie and slacks or dress slacks and dress shirt, no shorts or t-. Please bring jury summons as well as a valid photo ID on the reporting date. To best ensure safety and security, all persons entering the Courthouse must pass. Place purses, watches, jewelry, briefcases, backpacks, and parcels on the X-ray machine conveyor belt;; Walk through the metal detector. If the x-ray or metal. Jurors should dress comfortably, but properly for a courthouse. Shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops and halters are NOT permitted. If you report wearing any of these. Open beverages like coffee or soda - you will be required to take a drink while at security, before you are allowed to enter the Courthouse. Factory sealed. Did you get a Summons to Jury Service in the Mail? Complete Juror Questionnaire If you previously opted into electronic notices and would like to opt out, you. If you are scheduled to report for Jury Duty at Please bring the following items with you: A Can we have our wedding at the Courthouse? What is an E. The ideal item to bring with you is a book or a magazine, although sometimes the court will restrict newspapers or magazines containing information that may. We suggest you bring reading materials, mobile devices or small projects to pass the time while awaiting assignment to a courtroom. Warning: Late jurors will.

Top 10 things prospective jurors should know about jury duty · Food and drinks. You will likely sit and wait for a while, and lunch break isn't until 1 pm. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts should not be worn. A photo I.D. is required to enter the courthouse. You may also bring books, magazines or. Carefully follow the instructions on the summons and contact the court if you need help. Transportation. Although many courts offer parking for jurors, it is. You must bring your juror badge with you when you report for jury duty. If you failed to return your information form, please complete the form and bring it. Be sure to bring your completed jury summons with you to jury service. You may bring water or snacks. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. A. PLEASE BRING A LUNCH WITH YOU. If your call-in number is 1 through , please report by a.m. to. The Circuit Court. Bosley Ave. Towson. If you are uncertain if a particular item would be okay to bring, please call before arriving. Transportation. South Flores Parking Garage. What You Can Bring to the Courthouse · Many courthouses permit jurors to bring food into the jury assembly area, but others prohibit food, other than for special. Jurors should report for jury service in a manner that is respectful of the court. Please dress in business casual attire. It is recommended that you bring a.

What if I can't report for jury service? You are expected to be at the courthouse on the date and time printed on the summons, unless you get a. Jurors are allowed to bring their cell phones to court. You may need to provide your summons or reminder notice when entering the court to prove you are a juror. can expect should they be selected, and how to prepare for jury duty It is one of the most important civic duties a citizen can bring, please call you are not able to satisfactorily perform jury duty. If you received your Juror Summons from one of You can generally bring an electronic device (for. What To Wear. Business casual is appropriate for jurors and you may find a sweater or jacket useful, as temperatures vary throughout the Court. Shorts, tank.

How to Get Out of Jury Duty (Things Not To Say)

Thank You! The Wisconsin Court System appreciates your cooperation in serving as jurors. If you have additional questions or concerns, click on the county. Bring a good book to keep yourself occupied during all the downtime. You'll get called into a courtroom with other prospective jurors at some point. The judge. Some courthouses have restrictions on bringing in items such as cellular phones, cameras, laptop computers, or other electronic equipment. If you have questions. Appear in Court. You must appear in person for jury selection at the date, time, and location noted on your jury summons. Bring a copy of.

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